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Friday, January 1, 2010

old for the new!

My first post for Twenty Ten. I love saying twenty-ten! It sounds promising. It feels right.

It was the craziest end-of-the-year adventure for our family. We've shifted to a new place - (bigger play, sleep, munching spaces for the boys) so that means we had a lot of packing and unpacking to do. Organizing: scissors, crayons, laundry basket, shoe racks... the list goes on! And since our new home is fully furnished, we had a hard time disposing or giving away our bed, couch, dining set even up to now. Anyone want an extra bed??

The outfit doesn't really say anything "new". But this is what I wore on new year's day - I just had to record it. This is my comfy facing-the-new-year getup - ready for the big mess, for my boys bedtime gitikanay, for welcoming twentyten simply. It's a style I'm going to wear throughout 2010: old for the new. 2009 had moments of big expectations yet accepting my worth in the end.

Details of my favorite old navy canvas shorts paired with 99 pesos top and a Bershka jacket.


  1. You look great in shorts Gov! Suya ko dah... :D I love the floral prints. Love the ensemble colors. Angayan dah!

  2. happy 2010 xiox!

    aw salamat ;) di ra kayo tantong wangkig! heheh...

  3. Hoyyyyy greet lng pud ko diri hahahha
    Happy Twenty Ten :)
    HUgssssssssssss maynta madawat na nimo akong gep! Ahahaha funny ra tu! hihih

  4. fyns! happy twentyten!
    can't wait abot na pamux hapit! sus thankyou daan uy! funny or serious i am thrilled! miss you!

    post daun inyo pics with the bevlee's loveys!


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