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Friday, December 18, 2009

Dpict Illustration Exhibition : illustrators catalog

Joanne Brooker (British) | Danexh Mohiuddin (Indian)
Jacob Hernandez (Mexican) | Luis Vazquez (Mexican)
Sasan Saidi (German-Iranian) | Govinda Trazo (Filipino)
Mark Ganzon (Filipino) | Christopher Howlett (British)
Liz Ramos (Peruvian) | Khalid Mezaina (Emirati)
Maria Neschetna (Ukrainian) | German Fernandez Gantos (Peruvian)
Guillermo Munro (Mexican) | Emma Pinkerton (South African)


  1. Congratulations faerie friend! You deserve that page and more. This adds to my Christmas wishlist! another addition to my shelf ;)

  2. congrats again dimpola! so so proud of you :)
    wish i was there, like you wished you were at the girlaloo exhibit..
    well, cge nalang :)

    mishooo dims! tawag balik unya ha! :D


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