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Saturday, December 12, 2009

the costume

After 3 mix and matches I finally settled for this one. But in reality, the H&M kids vest had to go as the husband commented "ayaw pag costume Tambol." He meant to take off the vest because I look like I'm about to ride a horse. It was actually kind of cute, for him to say it politely and honestly agree that I already look good without it.

Costumes are unnecessary for a happy family day.


  1. Haha loveeet, Gov. Hubby feedbacks are so funny sometimes. Thad says things nonchalantly sometimes..things like "Well, it's cute. You look like fruitcake." and I'm like..."Great! I'm changing again!"

  2. Hahah lagi! If you've known my husband, you'd be cracking like crazy. wait 'til bevlee hears this. Hehe.

  3. CLASSIC DWYNNISMS! :) I love it when people say my garb is 'costumey.' If Plip tells me it's too much, I put more on ;) teehee

  4. Oh I remember another Thad feedback..."You look like a muppet, bibi. But come on let's go we're late."


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