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Friday, December 11, 2009

STYLE GUIDE: build a portfolYOU!

Portfolyou sounds really funny, I know! But it's true, your portfolio is branding YOU online. So it's important that you get the message out there: Who you are and what you do best.
I am in the middle of remodeling my portfolio website again. If I get it all done, it's my 10th design since 2004. I am easily displeased, not because I have done it bad. It's just being the typical me squeezing in a healthy creative exercise, recreating a fresher and straight-to-the-dot navigation, even if I just uploaded a "new" look last month. Or maybe I'm just really *yawn* with my current website.

I made a short guideline in building your portfolyou websites:

✔ Showcase. Only those that are worthy. Do not put anything half-baked. Yes, even if that means showing only three print ads. Show them what you are made of!

✔ Easy driving. No one likes a complicated navigation. It may be fun the first time, but when you feel that it's beginning to annoy you, scrape it all up and start from scratch. Take it easy. Remember: the simpler, the cooler.

✔ Blah blah blah. Keep your "who i am" page short. Short but precise. Precise but friendly. Your online voice should be well coordinated with you offline.

✔ Style smile. Lastly and more importantly, build a portfolio website that takes a smile on style. Have a trademark or a logo or whatever that which makes your home online truly YOU - with your name written all over the place. Oh but don't overdo it. Do not shout and never boast. Just smile with your own style.

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