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Thursday, December 3, 2009

why we love EISLEY.

I first heard of Eisley around 2003-ish through Erik. I was instantly hooked - from their website to their fashion statement and of course their music. "Golly Sandra" was sooo inviting and a happy song that it became my first Eisley favourite song. When I had my first son, at 4 months old on his first solid meal day, I played "Golly Sandra" and he was all smiles and mess. From then on, we never missed a day without singing their melodies. Believe me it's not an exageration, everyday is Eisley day.

At some days, the husband gets the guitar, looks up for the tabs on the net, and all three of us sing their songs while our 1yo claps in admiration. It's pretty awesome how my first son (now 3yo) can actually sing their songs by heart. Well what do you expect? He's been listening to their music since he was still a wormy inside my tummy!

Personally (well yes, husband included) and plainly speaking, I love them because (1) they don't sound like any other band I've heard - maybe because the sisters' pitch perfect voices made them uniquely...them. (2) I love their music because it's so melodic and the soundscape feels like diving into a deep forest with the faeries and all other forest creatures. Their mystery isn't scary-evil, but a magical-good one. (3) And the songwriting is aaaaahhhmazing.

Coldplay and Eisley together. I can only imagine. Sadly-funny though, you can't pair them with my husband's favourite band, Rammstein. That would be a disaster!

Before we die, we'd love to see Eisley play live. Maybe one day, when my boys get a bit older like in their teens. That would be a magical night for us. I wish for Eisley to last forever.


  1. First photo was taken in their dining room :D

  2. aaah.. the Last Tea Party. ;))

  3. I didn't know you first heard Golly Sandra :) Mine was Brightly Wound. My music friend (coz he gives me lots of music hehe) gave me a mixed cd with it + decemberists & other artists. I seriously didn't know you, xoxo and the rest of the cool people were listening to it! Bilib sad ko music taste Erik uy!

  4. i know! and it even adds a sweet pride to it because the band seems to be unpopu with the rest of the world and you'd feel that they're singing just for you (plus the "cool people" you'd say). Hehhe... Yup Erik has a good music taste :D

  5. hey ;)

    thanks dims for reminding me of Telescope Eyes. hehehe.

    thanks also bevs. hehehe ulaw man sad ta. ;)

    btw, i bought a Decemberists cd, barato ra cos wa man kahibaw ang tindera nga nindot sila..

    when I bought it., ingun ang tindera. "bakit ka bumili nito? maganda ba to sila?"


  6. Woop woop!im joinin' the nuisance here heeheh
    Eisley = SUPER LOVE!
    I owe it to you Dimps for knowing Eisley long time ago...mwah!

  7. spread the magic and wonder! :D


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