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Friday, December 18, 2009

Dpict Illustration Exhibition : illustrators catalog

Joanne Brooker (British) | Danexh Mohiuddin (Indian)
Jacob Hernandez (Mexican) | Luis Vazquez (Mexican)
Sasan Saidi (German-Iranian) | Govinda Trazo (Filipino)
Mark Ganzon (Filipino) | Christopher Howlett (British)
Liz Ramos (Peruvian) | Khalid Mezaina (Emirati)
Maria Neschetna (Ukrainian) | German Fernandez Gantos (Peruvian)
Guillermo Munro (Mexican) | Emma Pinkerton (South African)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dpict Illustration Exhibition : the opening

The opening starts at 7 but so far, the hall seems to be quiet. Suddenly I wished my friends in cebu were here, it would've been warmer and all fun.

I have brought my journals and postcards for sale from papersandtschai. They look happy. Oops. They're upside down! Wait let's fix this... and I need to put my iamgovinda cards.

Finally, Erik arrives. We had all the time looking at each piece of work, realizing that some are quite humorous, some are innovative, but most of them are really amazing. I'm going to do a separate post about them.

After two years of chasing each other's schedule, we finally meet again!!! I was so thrilled to see Chichux last night. I hugged her like crazy. Nothing has changed really - I'm still gamay and she's still slim as ever. Well ok except for one thing: she already has the coolest tattoo on her left foot.

I met some monkeys. Not in a racist way of saying it, I really did, they say they're the Brown Monkeys. They're really nice and typical pinoy-funny. They say I might join them soon. Well I can't wait to be a brown monkey! :)

We were getting hungry so we head out to the foodcourt to grab a pizza, spaghetti, burgers and fries. I'm so lucky to have these guys in Dubai! We hang out and had good laughs. Until I got a call from the exhibit. Ooops. Am I not suppose to eat yet?

When I got back, I met my husband's office mates and they were all very kind to me. I was glad to finally meet and have a quick chat with them. I had to make a tiny bit of doodle to complete the night then I'm home.

All in all, it was an interesting night. I met awesome people, finally get to meet my husband's friends, and made some people wonder at my works.

I'm not sure if this is the official photo of us. But here are some of us. That's me, in a red Gap Kids corduroy dress, brightly wounded in delightness.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

wearing my heart out

I'm off to an illustration show!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Yay! I finally got my iamgovinda cards. I actually feel like not giving them away!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

the costume

After 3 mix and matches I finally settled for this one. But in reality, the H&M kids vest had to go as the husband commented "ayaw pag costume Tambol." He meant to take off the vest because I look like I'm about to ride a horse. It was actually kind of cute, for him to say it politely and honestly agree that I already look good without it.

Costumes are unnecessary for a happy family day.

Friday, December 11, 2009

STYLE GUIDE: build a portfolYOU!

Portfolyou sounds really funny, I know! But it's true, your portfolio is branding YOU online. So it's important that you get the message out there: Who you are and what you do best.
I am in the middle of remodeling my portfolio website again. If I get it all done, it's my 10th design since 2004. I am easily displeased, not because I have done it bad. It's just being the typical me squeezing in a healthy creative exercise, recreating a fresher and straight-to-the-dot navigation, even if I just uploaded a "new" look last month. Or maybe I'm just really *yawn* with my current website.

I made a short guideline in building your portfolyou websites:

✔ Showcase. Only those that are worthy. Do not put anything half-baked. Yes, even if that means showing only three print ads. Show them what you are made of!

✔ Easy driving. No one likes a complicated navigation. It may be fun the first time, but when you feel that it's beginning to annoy you, scrape it all up and start from scratch. Take it easy. Remember: the simpler, the cooler.

✔ Blah blah blah. Keep your "who i am" page short. Short but precise. Precise but friendly. Your online voice should be well coordinated with you offline.

✔ Style smile. Lastly and more importantly, build a portfolio website that takes a smile on style. Have a trademark or a logo or whatever that which makes your home online truly YOU - with your name written all over the place. Oh but don't overdo it. Do not shout and never boast. Just smile with your own style.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the red booloon

My 3yo with his red "booloon" wearing nothing but my t-shirt . I love how these photos look so dreamy-vintage and how my point and shoot digital camera satisfy me by just saving unextraordinary memories of my babies.

Friday, December 4, 2009

eyelet bootie beauty

I found this beauty from FreePeople and I couldn't help but pretend to have it (because I would never buy it!). So I got the Polyvore Clipper to save the image so I can play around an outfit. It's such an easy life, trying on stuff on the net even if you have no idea if it really fits you. Nice habit and a good break from boys play.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

why we love EISLEY.

I first heard of Eisley around 2003-ish through Erik. I was instantly hooked - from their website to their fashion statement and of course their music. "Golly Sandra" was sooo inviting and a happy song that it became my first Eisley favourite song. When I had my first son, at 4 months old on his first solid meal day, I played "Golly Sandra" and he was all smiles and mess. From then on, we never missed a day without singing their melodies. Believe me it's not an exageration, everyday is Eisley day.

At some days, the husband gets the guitar, looks up for the tabs on the net, and all three of us sing their songs while our 1yo claps in admiration. It's pretty awesome how my first son (now 3yo) can actually sing their songs by heart. Well what do you expect? He's been listening to their music since he was still a wormy inside my tummy!

Personally (well yes, husband included) and plainly speaking, I love them because (1) they don't sound like any other band I've heard - maybe because the sisters' pitch perfect voices made them uniquely...them. (2) I love their music because it's so melodic and the soundscape feels like diving into a deep forest with the faeries and all other forest creatures. Their mystery isn't scary-evil, but a magical-good one. (3) And the songwriting is aaaaahhhmazing.

Coldplay and Eisley together. I can only imagine. Sadly-funny though, you can't pair them with my husband's favourite band, Rammstein. That would be a disaster!

Before we die, we'd love to see Eisley play live. Maybe one day, when my boys get a bit older like in their teens. That would be a magical night for us. I wish for Eisley to last forever.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

iamgovinda merch

I'm planning to sell journals and postcards (from papersandtschai) with illustrations that match with the artworks that I will be displaying at the exhibit, Dpict. But there's still a lot of tending to do - like creating a whole deal of "packaging" with my label and some prices. And I'm running out of time. *Phew!

Ten Tickles : postcard
(old layout from POP III)
Ten Tickles : journal
(new layout, same species)
Imaginary Friends : postcard + journal
(new layout, old concept from GIRLALOO)
Scent Keeping : journal
(new layout, old concept from GIRLALOO)
Scent Keeping : postcard
(new layout, old concept from GIRLALOO)
I also got mini tags for free! I'm thinking of using them as my business cards. But it doesn't include any contact info. Tricky. Or maybe I can give them out as freebies that goes with the journal and call them mini bookmarks. I still have to figure these little babies out.
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