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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

iamgovinda merch

I'm planning to sell journals and postcards (from papersandtschai) with illustrations that match with the artworks that I will be displaying at the exhibit, Dpict. But there's still a lot of tending to do - like creating a whole deal of "packaging" with my label and some prices. And I'm running out of time. *Phew!

Ten Tickles : postcard
(old layout from POP III)
Ten Tickles : journal
(new layout, same species)
Imaginary Friends : postcard + journal
(new layout, old concept from GIRLALOO)
Scent Keeping : journal
(new layout, old concept from GIRLALOO)
Scent Keeping : postcard
(new layout, old concept from GIRLALOO)
I also got mini tags for free! I'm thinking of using them as my business cards. But it doesn't include any contact info. Tricky. Or maybe I can give them out as freebies that goes with the journal and call them mini bookmarks. I still have to figure these little babies out.


  1. Me want the journal! Weeeeeh! great stuff dimps!

  2. thanks fyns! when you get to cebu, i can get you one :)


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