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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


But then decides to be less saturated. I couldn't be happier.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

leather + silver

Short post of happiness: Husband comes home from his 1 week adventure in Argentina. He bought a beautiful leather bag and a silver necklace for the wife. The little wife is blushing. (Here are some street and stage pics of his trip.)

Monday, September 28, 2009

scent keeping

I wanted to try a new colour pallete - a wave that speaks boldness, chaos, totally opposite of my olive greens and creams. I'm trying to get out of my calmness and pale mixture. I wanted this piece to be exactly as my mind showed me. This is keeping scents of beauty, scents of emotion, and scents of words.


This will take tour on November 2009 to four different schools in Cebu. Will post GIRLALOOdetails soon.

imaginary friends

I appologize for not feeding you goodies from my style garden. I have been immersed in my two artworks - from my intimate doodle dance to bathing them in Photoshop. For the past 2weeks, I created, coloured, made stories out of them. Now they're finally ready to face an audience. *bow*


This will take tour on November 2009 to four different schools in Cebu. Will post GIRLALOO details soon.

Friday, September 25, 2009

baby belly doodles

Stylefaerie salutes to the act of love-styling your baby belly.
Way to go Matits & Nicolo! All the best for mom and baby on labor day :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just old.

I just realized that I am old. Old but not tired. Just old. I don't know if that's alright. It's amazing how time swirls like a huge chunk of vortex vacuum that if you make that one wrong move, everything falls apart. Mr. Time used to exist in my little reality. But now, I can't even remember how I made him up.

Maybe it has something to do with my stagnant music taste. Or maybe because I'm harder to please these days - when I look at a layout design or a punky funky website it seems easier for me to be the unkind critic. Or maybe it has something to do with my closet that badly needs an overhaul. When I look at it, it says "help".

Just this night I wonder if I will ever feel young again.

PoladroidTreasure: my old burloloys and sunnies from highschool to early college. i have no idea where they are now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yummy like brownies.
Ankle sneakers by H&M baby.

Styling of a Logo : done!

strong, bold, moody, smart, beautiful chaos.
empowering the women of design

a digital illustration all-woman exhibit coming soon.
watch out for updates...

Monday, September 7, 2009

stylefaerie interview: LUCILLE UMALI

what is style to you in terms of fashion statements?
For me, it is your way of showing what you are, you're creativeness, your signature you!

does your mood affect your styling?
YES. like how the economy affects our everyday living(eherrm), my styling would wholly depend on my mood. Haaay girls...

describe your everyday getup - say, going to the office?
First of all, I never go out in the house without makeup on or at least a defined eyes. Like I said, everything would depend on my mood but one thing is for sure, I never go to the office or anywhere with just a plain shirt and pants. Sometimes I go to the office as if im on my way to a party or a photo shoot or a costume party! Hahahahaha

do you believe in trends? do you create or follow one?
Yeah sure! It's important to be aware of what's the latest in fashion or anything for that matter. Yes i am a follower but I make sure to put the signature me in whatever trend i follow.

and what's your kind of signature?
Hmmmm... I'm not sure, I should really ask the people who always see me in my daily grinds. But I'd like to think that I have this sexy spunk signature. Hehehe

which of you is your favourite - curly or straight? your hair i mean.
I loooooooooove my curly hair! I miss it so much! but the two hairstyles represented the different eras in my life. Hahaha. I just cannot linger forever in one style, we all have to update our look and take it to another level. I'm livin' my new hair now.

do you think styling should be more than less?
more on creativeness and common sense, less on dumb choices of ensemble.

where do you shop?
I'm a pretapersonal - ukay adik! I am always drawn to that relief good smell, kung asa ang ukay, I'm there!

i find your wardrobe colorful - is that seasonal?
My wardrobe is extremely colorful! and it's never seasonal.

do you have style influences?
Japanese fashion is... impeccable! and I get easily influenced with anything or anybody, even the strangers I see on the streets or malls.

name one item that's a no-no.
White shoes if you're putot or you just simply cannot carry it with style.

how do you find yourself dressing up 20 years from now?


lucille on graffiti and lucille with shades : photography by jude crisostomo

Friday, September 4, 2009

do the Pola!

Found a cool application called Poladroid - "the easiest and funniest Polaroid Image Maker" in town! It's an easy drag-and-drop application and has the coolest random and realistic Polaroid-like colors variation. Waste time, have fun... download now!

I'll show you how to do it Papa!

The oploks doing the Pola with matching t-shirts.


Jaw-dropping, crazy-drooling over THE bag. Huhuhu...

Styling of a Logo

The styling of a logo. Girlalooving. Soon.
(still a work-in-progress.)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

light, smooth, fresh.

I have always been inlove to this type of comfy getup.

lace and flowers

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

do the odosketch!

Who wouldn't fall inlove odosketch by Odopod? It's a brilliant idea, a very refreshing site. I had to try it, sketching using the trackpad. I can't wait to show this to my 3yo!

styling: bevlee goes to a wedding party

My friend Bevlee asked me to help her out in accessorizing her Promod turquoise aqua dress for a beach wedding party. I made two sets that you can go with where surprisingly both of them got no necklaces. I don't know, but I think the dress doesn't call for one. But of course I would rather advise you go for something uniquely your style bevlee like a headband and peacock feather earrings!

She wanted to wear white sandals. Perfect. So I went out to look for a white bangle with aqua studs in it. You can also add one more bangle if you want. The leafy earings are lovely. It goes well with a summer hat too - so beachy.

The second set of accessories are brighter and sunnier to balance out the cool wave of the dress. Still, loving the bangles with hints of both warm and cool tones. Gold or bronze sandals can go perfectly well too.

Hope you're enjoying this bevlee!

Hey if any of you guys want an opinion to whatever fashion problem you're having - like what my friend's having, I can help you! Just email me and then I can do you a set at Polyvore. It will be fun!
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