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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

styling: bevlee goes to a wedding party

My friend Bevlee asked me to help her out in accessorizing her Promod turquoise aqua dress for a beach wedding party. I made two sets that you can go with where surprisingly both of them got no necklaces. I don't know, but I think the dress doesn't call for one. But of course I would rather advise you go for something uniquely your style bevlee like a headband and peacock feather earrings!

She wanted to wear white sandals. Perfect. So I went out to look for a white bangle with aqua studs in it. You can also add one more bangle if you want. The leafy earings are lovely. It goes well with a summer hat too - so beachy.

The second set of accessories are brighter and sunnier to balance out the cool wave of the dress. Still, loving the bangles with hints of both warm and cool tones. Gold or bronze sandals can go perfectly well too.

Hope you're enjoying this bevlee!

Hey if any of you guys want an opinion to whatever fashion problem you're having - like what my friend's having, I can help you! Just email me and then I can do you a set at Polyvore. It will be fun!


  1. eyelove! now I have a new problem. I want the hat!
    Thankydoo godiva! I'll do my best. At the very least, nature and the beach will be my best accessory.

  2. Always glad to help :) about the hat problem, don't drool over it you can do magic without it - as you said you've got mother nature! :) send me photos nya ha!!


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