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Monday, September 7, 2009

stylefaerie interview: LUCILLE UMALI

what is style to you in terms of fashion statements?
For me, it is your way of showing what you are, you're creativeness, your signature you!

does your mood affect your styling?
YES. like how the economy affects our everyday living(eherrm), my styling would wholly depend on my mood. Haaay girls...

describe your everyday getup - say, going to the office?
First of all, I never go out in the house without makeup on or at least a defined eyes. Like I said, everything would depend on my mood but one thing is for sure, I never go to the office or anywhere with just a plain shirt and pants. Sometimes I go to the office as if im on my way to a party or a photo shoot or a costume party! Hahahahaha

do you believe in trends? do you create or follow one?
Yeah sure! It's important to be aware of what's the latest in fashion or anything for that matter. Yes i am a follower but I make sure to put the signature me in whatever trend i follow.

and what's your kind of signature?
Hmmmm... I'm not sure, I should really ask the people who always see me in my daily grinds. But I'd like to think that I have this sexy spunk signature. Hehehe

which of you is your favourite - curly or straight? your hair i mean.
I loooooooooove my curly hair! I miss it so much! but the two hairstyles represented the different eras in my life. Hahaha. I just cannot linger forever in one style, we all have to update our look and take it to another level. I'm livin' my new hair now.

do you think styling should be more than less?
more on creativeness and common sense, less on dumb choices of ensemble.

where do you shop?
I'm a pretapersonal - ukay adik! I am always drawn to that relief good smell, kung asa ang ukay, I'm there!

i find your wardrobe colorful - is that seasonal?
My wardrobe is extremely colorful! and it's never seasonal.

do you have style influences?
Japanese fashion is... impeccable! and I get easily influenced with anything or anybody, even the strangers I see on the streets or malls.

name one item that's a no-no.
White shoes if you're putot or you just simply cannot carry it with style.

how do you find yourself dressing up 20 years from now?


lucille on graffiti and lucille with shades : photography by jude crisostomo


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