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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trip to Pandora with 3D glasses on

One day, husband says I should take a break and go watch a movie. But not just in an ordinary big screen, he wants me to experience Avatar in 3D. At first I was hesitant and joked shopping (or sleeping) sounds more inviting. He told me if I miss this one out, I would regret it for the rest of my life. Yes we are movie junkies. 3 movies in one day was normal for us or arriving home by 3am while I was pregnant. When the boys came, the habit became minimal and so we turn to the mighty Vuze.

I had to take this opportunity. Well, you know we're taking turns.

Right as I put the on the 3D glasses, I can hear me say "hala...." marveling while Alice In Wonderland trailer unfolds. (But I so hated that cheshire cat grinning right up to my face. It looks evil!) It takes a bit of getting used to. As my eyes adjust, my mind flies away to Pandora.

I can almost touch that bioluminescent airborne jellyfish! It's like 5 inches near me! I thought it can even be one of my "ten tickles" kind of creature. I felt I've known this place, or dreamt it with me hovering in space. Amazing.

The film made me think how beautiful our planet would've been if technology never came or civilizations were contented. We could've harmoniously connect with the elements and all other creatures and money wouldn't have ruled us. But then again, you know humans can never be satisfied by just actually living...

As I walk out of the cinema my eyes were literally adjusting back to reality. I miss my boys already.

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