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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the potpourri happiness

I had a hard time choosing which pack to go with. The color palette is as important as the scent you know. I would've chosen the turquoise blend but the scent was too much. And I would've loved the vanilla smelling goodness but it was too bland to look at. We finally settled for "Powder Fresh" Potpourri by Colony. The bathroom smells heavenly.

I love potpourris because of their texture and how they make me feel like I picked them up in the woods myself. I just love the way they turn out rotten, dry, beautiful. This makes me remember our little thank you giveaway from our wedding 2006 - a little basketfull of potpourri.


  1. I love the potpourri giveaway idea! I don't have potpourri in my house, Gov, I have those reed diffusers and a plug ins. Haha. Bati.

  2. sulayi gani xiox! magic! besides mabagay kayo sad na sa inyo home :) sa corner2x lang gud ibutang hehe.


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