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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fyns & Bevlee

I am so enviously happy to see this photo! My two loveliest bestfriends hang out for a day and I'm missing them terribly. I acted as their common friend who realizes the wind faerie Bevlee and the best-buddy-since-high-school Fyns (publicly known as Jhoe or Ruki by bevlee) have more than one passion in common and they're both hyper souls. By that, I know they'd be super friends. Who says only opposites attract?

Fyns and Bevlee find themselves building friendship through Paw Love, bicycle love, travel logs, photography and me (You guys talked about how you missed me right??). And I can only wait to spend sunny days with them. Love you ninyo!


  1. Oh dimpssssss we mishooo more than always! :)
    Geeeez *teary eyed me*

    It was soo last minute but so much fun already! Love the loveys, love u both!!!

    Can't wait for the day we shoot together!!!

  2. Godiva! The wolfy shirt I wore in your honor hehe
    Thank you for being the superconnection between me and Ruki!

    I can't wait for our photo sessions this yr yehey!

    Love you and big hugs to you both!

  3. I'm envious too! I only know Bevs though but I'm pretty sure I'd hit it off with Jhoe kung naa pag ka dili ingon nato sha. Haha.

    I love that bike. I gotta ride my bike more. I have a vintage green banana seat. Gi taya nalang to.

    I miss my old friends...I know you do too, Gov.

  4. uy 3 comments! wa ko kabantay dah!

    fyns! last-minute-fun are way better than planned ones. aw not all the time diay hehe.. but lipay jud kayo ko you guys hang out before you flew back. ka imagine ko nimo with the loveys. nabuang cguro kag kinumot nila! i heard you cried when ego went pakitang-gilas?? hahah! love you!

    bevlee you look awesome in that shirt. and you guys have those cool bitay2x sa liog. can i see them up close please?? :)

    xiox! yes jhoe is definitely dili ingon ato type. heheh.. hey maybe next time you and i should meet in the flesh. uli ka this year? ;)

  5. Uli ko next year! Uli sad ka!! Wheee lingawa! Photo tripping gyud ta ani ba.

    Oy, I posted a photo of the buttons. I love the way you notice little things! I encourage it. I am always in a hurry with the daily blog postings because of work so I miss calling out some things. Thank you kaayo!


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