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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i miss sewing (and crafting)

I miss my sewing kit, I miss marveling at my fabrics, I miss staring at and smelling my paper collection, i terribly miss my kuti-kuti box. *Sigh.

My favorite projects:

I made this for my eldest son when he first joined a playgroup. It was his plain painting apron and I wanted to personalize it.

I made this for Akii on his Christening Day. I bought a plain swaddling blanket and customized it with his name on it. It just fits him perfectly...

My very first attempt to sew a baby bootie by hand. Imperfect, humble, raw, sewn with love. It's funny and akward but I'm proud of it's courage. It's only a left bootie because I decided I need to make one that's at least worthy of my little baby before I do a pair. Sadly until now, I couldn't find time to do it again.

With no pattern or sample in hand, I only had to take advantage of my imagination. Using a BeeSquare fabric and from my cut-off shorts left over, a recycled velcro from my mom's bag (thanks momi and sorry!) this little baby came to life.

I know these are not much of a sewing grand parade, but I am enjoying every second of creating them. And tonight is just one of those nights I wished I had my tools.


  1. Gov, I wish we had met in Cebu. Magkasinabot gyud ta. I used to embroider a lot...mostly my peasant tops in college, the ones people thought made me look like a punda. Mga bayot ra'y kasabot sa akong style sauna. It was my grandma who taught me how to embroider and introduce me to different stitches. Yay for homespun embroidery!

  2. I know! Haha I used to be an avid reader of your section in sun star. I imagine you being so colorful and creative. Sus tinuod gyud, sobra pa gani! Cge lang, mag abot ra lagi jud ta puhon! :)

  3. The apron is a marvelous idea!!! In time for my misfit's art apron for school :) thanks! Oh, and if you have time, I am currently hosting a giveaway from my trip to Japan. I hope you could join in the fun :). Here is the direct link:

  4. Dimp, I know we are related and all but your eye and skill for the little things never cease to email me. Love you!


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