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Monday, July 27, 2009

Goodbye old jeans, Hello kickass shorts

Craving for a good pair of faded denim shorts but just couldn't find one? Why not make one? You just need an old pair of jeans that's no longer in your favourite list, a pair of scissors, and bleaching liquid.

Showing the big difference: from the original dark jeans to the faded cool.
1. Cut off the legs of your old jeans (mine's an old ukay-ukay) according to your desired length. Try them on. If it feels good then it's ready for the bleach soaking to achieve that cool faded wash.

2. Pour enough water into the basin, so the denim is totally submerged in water. Add bleach depending on how faded you want it. (I wanted it to be super faded so I poured the whole bottle into the basin.)

3. Soak for an hour or again, depending on what result you desire. (I soaked it overnight!) Be sure to flip the denim once in awhile to balance out the effect of the bleach.

4. Rinse, wash, let it dry.

Tadaaa! Goodbye old jeans, hello kickass shorts!

1 comment:

  1. i did just like this in my purontong hihihi
    i asked the husband to cut it and sadly he used a very habulan gunting hehe so ang ending kay walay nagtupong haha but still kickass :)


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