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Thursday, August 27, 2009

stylefaerie interview: CHAD MANZO

is looking stylish important to you?
In terms of the current trend, not really. I believe style is something very personal. What makes you look good, makes you feel good. To each his own poison.:)

do you have style influences?
The japanese. They're a race born with style.

what are your fave places to shop?
Favorite......hmmmm....internet, thrift shops, ukay2, basically anywhere I can get my hands on things i like to own.:)

what's the story of your tattoos?
My flies stand for nothing. They dont have a meaning or whatever, I just figured it would look good on me, so I got it. The ones on my arms symbolize the equated value between hardwork and successs.

do you think anyone can have tattoos?
It's anyone's guess I think. Some people look good with it, and some just dont. Depending on what the tatto design probably, but like I said, it's anyones guess. If they feel good having it, why not?

are you a trend maker or a follower? or does trend mean anything at all?
I do not feel i belong to both. Hahahaha. I just do not like looking like everybody else. I do not believe in trends, in terms of fashion and I do not like to follow or be followed. I think a trend is just there to represent the current generation. It's a fact of life, merely a rite of passage to young people. The necessity to belong gives birth to trends.

do people like what your wearing?
Hahahahaha. That i do not know for sure, but I do receive compliments from friends and I am thankful for that.:)

what's your favourite accessory? why?
Shoes. I know they're not accessories, but they're in a league of their own. They either make you look barbaric, or they make you sophisticated. Shoes have a way of telling others what kind of person you are and make for good bragging rights to others. Hahaha!

do you prefer brands or no-name goodies?
Both. I guess it all depends on what type of item youre looking to buy. There are just some items that call for an investment. Like shoes, sure the fakes are easier to buy, but in the long run, you're sacrificing quality on something you will use on a daily basis.

everytime i see you, i caught you in a different wardrobe. Of all the shows, what was your favourite?
Most favorite? Whenever i am home. No one gives a f*ck about what youre wearing. Hahahaha.

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Chad Manzo is a graphic artist by day and musician by night.

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