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Monday, August 10, 2009

bike lovin'

My friend Bevlee and I were chatting about how lovely it was for our friend Ruki who had a bike for her pre-wedding pictorial theme. And so she showed me her dream bike:

Ohmygoodness. A Gucci Bicycle (that "only" costs $3,420) with bold red double GG leather. I mean seriously? Would you really buy that bike?? But she got away from buying her neighbor's bike instead. Now I think that's bolder. I bet it is a vintage beauty. I hope she can send me a photo of her bike with her dogs.

I later found out that this was part of The Gucci Limited Edition for the Olympics last year.

And so, I created a set pretending I had a bike. (Not that I want to ride one here in Dubai :P)


  1. PolyvoreLovin' it! I couldn't stop thinking of what you said why you couldn't imagine why I'm not polyvoring (considering I had been a lurker for yrs). The top, bracelet+ring. The bike! I'd still paint mine turquoise & white although this is very fitting for Ruki coz she originally wanted a green bike.

    Godiva, if I were a celebrity you'd totally be my stylist haha My fave messenger bags are from Proenza Schouler :)

  2. Weeeeeeeehehe
    Glad I already got me a bike lovin' ... i wouldn't trade it at all with that Gucci collection. LOL!!!

    And yes, i agree with Bevlee on that green bike that fits me more eheheh (thinking maybe I should consider repainting mine..hmmm eheheh)

    Love u both!!! cant wait to have you both for next year's wedding!!! Weeh!


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