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Friday, August 21, 2009

Born to be a Faerie

Ok, so I had to do one more set for the challenge. Why? Because I just had to. Addicted? Well...

I just had to complete the whole bunch of me's. the designer, the mother, and the faerie. This time, I sprinkle happy thoughts, to inspire... and maybe make the world a little happier. :)


  1. daan pako! :P
    but i wondered why you didn't think of that the first time ;)

  2. haha actually i did! i was mix&matching skirts and tops but then realized that the contest had to focus on their jeans. toing. mao to ni skip nlng sa ko k libog ko unsay suoton nga faerie ko :P sayal man jud ta to. hehe.

  3. well, your the first faerie to wear jeans ;) hehehe


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