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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

blast from the past!

My bestfriend had fun posting a set featuring her "look" while working at Bigfoot. We had great times then, of course that was when our friendship sparked. It was never dull working with her, we were a crazy duo, single and full of comic acts.

So I created a new set featuring my look way back in 2005. (Except that the sandals were red and the beaded bracelets were colorful)

And this was the old Tingbats:


  1. nyahahahahahhaha!!!! that is so -- YOU!!! we had great great memories there, huh? but walay makalupig sa akong ka yagit! :P

    ang luyat uuuuy! hahahaha

  2. bwahahah singitan lagi ug libak sa luyat! :P

    lagi grabe atong kalaki sauna uy! KANGOL & KHA KHA KIDS rule!!!

  3. hahaha! mo singit jud ko! :P

    but i never found my kangol shirt gyud in polyvore. that was my BIGFOOT shirt :P


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