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Friday, August 14, 2009

how do you do, govinda?

I miss having to play around with my closet now that i have a very domestic-dedicated life. I'm idle and busy - roughly caught up in one room. A very sleepy combination. All I got is a website, two blogs, the 'waiting' time, and an aching back. And I have no idea why I won't go to sleep.

Or maybe i miss my cebu routine. Or maybe it's just the dusty skies outside.

Say, do you like my doodle?


  1. hehehehe. you miss your cebu window-shopping-with-toting routine :P

  2. hahah. o kana nga part :P ari na ba!

  3. hahahahaha! sus dims! how i wish it was that easy. pero cge lang, maybe in a few months :P

  4. ill be counting those 'few months' :P

  5. I love love love love your doodles! xoxo


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