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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Dreamy Details

Anybody who knows good sense of style knows that everything is in the details. And what could possibly come more exciting in choosing the right hints and tints for your wedding?

From choosing the dream wedding gown to making the wedding really about their love story, my friend Tisha, a detail-obsessed wedding planner herself, shares her wedding's dreamy details. Follow their story here.

I have also been a part of her dreamy details as I would like to think, when I accepted her offer to do her a doodled wedding album. These are some happy flower bits I did on my sketchpad...

And turned it into...


  1. waaaaah! ikaw ang buwak sa akong kabuwakan! =))

  2. beautiful doodles complementing beautiful photography.
    namuwak gyud!

  3. LOVE!! DimplyDoo, thanks for this amazing gift!

    My write-up about you has been sitting in my Drafts folder for months now. I can't seem to write well enough to do you justice! But I will post it soon, just don't hold your breath. :-)

    You know you're one of the very few people I'm truly inpsired by, don't you? *hug*


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