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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The GAP Jeans Challenge

What were you born to do?

This is GAP's challenge to Polyvore fanatics - to create an outfit inspired by whatever we think we are born to do. A set must use at least two of items from GAP and should showcase their denim.

Instantly I thought I am born to be a mother - born to rock my boys. I have always felt that me and the boys are made to fit each other in a messy and soulful way. But then I realized I am "me" first before I became a someone to another being. And so... I had to make two sets for the contest. This is my first entry as a creative and a doodler - born to create and doodle away!

The second entry is me being my boys' mama.

Hope I win! It's going to be a crazy show knowing that there are at least 1,111 entries (and counting) so far. View all entries here.

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