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Monday, August 24, 2009

new discovery: DESIGUAL

I haven't been INSIDE the store (because I am halfway catching up with my 3yo running in the mall) but I fell inlove with their window display. How it carries itself, how it presented itself, calling me to come in and have a taste of their shop. Desigual just caught me.

But you know, catching your boy must comes first. Still, I grab my camera and took a quick picture just so I can keep it and show you guys. Their prints are amazing. I can't wait to visit again. Hopefully I can have my time inside the shop. Yum.


  1. Love it! This just inspired me to give my b&w phase a break and show my true 'colors' ;) Super-connected with Ruki since she showed me this last week. You both were in the same store! ;)

  2. bwahah that's crazy! super connected jud dah! :D

  3. "awa hon! tindahan ni bevlee!" haha!


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