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Monday, November 23, 2009

Ten Tickles in Watercolour, Pen and Ink

I decided to have it on a big watercolour board. (Sorry for the term "big". I still have to find that ruler!) My excitement was just too immense than my fear of a blank canvas that's almost taller than me.

After having laid every tickley creature for a week, the final and most delicate step was to work with ink to get that "perfect" splatter across the whole artwork. It was crazy-scary that my husband had to remind me not to get carried away.

This is "ten tickles" in watercolour, pen and ink all set for framing for my upcoming DUCTAC exhibit, "Dpict". I am fairly satisfied and overjoyed with the final output. It seems I like it better in paper than in digital. Maybe because it offers more risks and thrills and you can never rely on that magical cmd+Z. Looks like I might get a new - old - habit back.

Some details of the work:

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