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Friday, November 27, 2009

oh oh boots!

One of the best things in being petite: you get to wear items in the teens or kids section thus making you pay less!

I was torn between the black suede rouched boot and the flat heeled brown boot of new look. The black one slipped perfectly on me. It was smooth and it felt very comfortable even with a little bit of heel. But I wasn't sure if it was really practical - you know having two boy huggers running around. So I fell inlove with that brown thing. So inlove that I just had to play dress up for 5 minutes.

other kiddie items include: GUESS kids shorts, Bossini jacket.


  1. Fabby boots! I wish I can get away with wearing flat boots but since I'm a hobbit I need the elevation. I love the dress and belt!!!

  2. Haha im a hobbit myself but i just cant do heels!

    That belt is vintage GAW! I'll show you its hearty buckle soon :D

  3. The flats are gorgeous! Yey! Boots!!!
    I would love to see the first pic completely!


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