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Friday, March 26, 2010

wishing for a dreamless sleep

I am a vivid dreamer and about 99% of my dreams I remember. The minute I wake up, my mind adjusts back to reality as the dream scenes comes to me in backwards. It used to be a habit, a practice that I mastered until one day and onwards, the remembering comes out naturally.

The hardest part of dreaming is feeling every bit of you is AWAKE. You feel the water rushing in your body, you feel the little waves on your feet, you feel your body explode - in slow motion - literally, your knees ache of running, you feel the weight of your body when you fly, you smell damp morning soil on your bare feet, you feel the clothes your on, you can see veins when you hold hands.

I don't mind dreaming really because it's mostly kind of amusing. But the latest morning dream I had is tormenting me. The most vivid yet, the most tragic, and the most cried out after-effect I've experienced. It was soul-draining.

With that I would like to call out to Morpheus to leave me for a while. At least let me have a good dreamless sleep tonight.

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