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Monday, March 8, 2010

fashionably dreaming in wonderland

I don't care if the story or plot or characters are predictable. I simply enjoyed it in yummy 3D nonetheless.

Besides being so delighted with all the wonders of the Underland and the madness of the creatures, I am most stunned with the on-the-spot haute couture that Alice wore. She changed outfits 5 times! Her fragile pale structure made it more appealing - not that I prefer skinny and pale - I just think she's the right character for it.

I empathize for the grown up Alice beause I dream in full color every night like a delusional maniac too. Having said that, yes, I remember every bit of details of each dream. Except that I can't see my dream people in real life - thank God! I talk to them, make them understand they're not real and that they are just in my dream which of course made them more confused and once it even made the "Dream Queen" so upset that she ordered unimaginable chaos because I wasn't suppose to tell them that truth. I had been their enemy for weeks! But as Alice says "It's only a dream. Nothing can hurt me."

I can also dare things when dreaming, make bolder acts even if it means death. I mostly do heroic stunts because I know that nothing can hurt me because it's my dream and I can control it and I can always choose to wake up. I used to have a dream journal but... Maybe I should start one again.

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