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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

love letter bouquet

So I have been surfing wedding blogs more than usual these days because my fabfriend Fyns is getting married - for the second round - and being the faerie that I am, I am helping her hunt for inspirations and ideas.

Look what I found. My jaw dropped.

And in an instant, I remember my wedding (2004) bouquet: it wasn't what I had in mind. The florist had her way and made it into a gigantic ball bouquet. I remember how devasted I was. All we can do is take out the first outer row of roses to make it at least 10% lighter. It was very heavy. I didn't want to hold it.

Love letter paper bouquet! It would've been PERFECT for me, for us! Because my little love story started with letters - yes even if we were only 3 chairs away from eachother. Crazy silly people inlove! Why haven't I think of that before!? Oh I know because I was worried about the little girls' fairy wings, and hand painted flower on my flowerfriends' dresses, and a lot of other things! But you know, the magic of true love couldn't get a lousy bouquet ruin the weddign day eh?


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