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Friday, February 5, 2010

7 sets in 1 day.

Ok so I've made 7 sets in a row yesterday. Scary. It was a smooth-sailing shopping - all the great finds were showing up on my face and really all I can do is just make a story out of them.

Once upon a time, there were seven sisters getting all the pretty things in fashion. One day, the stylefaerie came to visit to play.

1. Sweet Grunge in July is heading off to a wedding. She is not afraid to mix the sweet and the edgy. Wearing her favourite boots on a pale blue vintage dress, she is the coolest bridesmaid I've seen.

2. Dull and Happy is very dull indeed yet pulls off her getup quite so. She tells me she is most happy when she goes around town looking for old things - books, toys, handmade jewelry. Today she's meeting an old friend.

3. Flaunt your love is going on a date. She talks a lot about how love can be very scary sometimes. She loves it when people stares at her, asks for her number, or offer her a ride home. She thinks she's the most beautiful among her sisters. She has the kindest heart. She wants to be a wife and a mother of 6.

4. Nightingale beauty is a classic chick. She has a rare talent of hearing animals talk. This scares her and prays one day she can hear no more. She keeps this to herself.

5. Wonderland is the most playful. She doesn't like to get "squeezed" in by whatever and whoever. She's always laughing and moving and making silly faces, yet very mysterious. She always remembers her dreams and talks about it the minute she wakes up. Sometimes she writes them down on her journal.

6. Good Mourning lost her goldfish today and so is not in the mood for any adventure.

7. No Secrets is the youngest and my favourite of them all. She is free-spirited and light. She loves life in general and respects the planet. She wants to be a fairy when she dies.

And they all had great time and live happily ever after.


  1. top fave picks for me are #1,2 and 7 sisters! hehehe

  2. yay! glad you liked them fyns :)


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